An Interview with Phil Mattson

From Brainerd, Minnesota, Phil Mattson is a name, I believe, familiar to all of us. As a major pioneer in the world of jazz and especially vocal jazz, Phil’s musicianship,… Read more

Upcoming R&R Google Hangouts

The last of this season’s Google Hangout sessions are coming up. You are invited to join your NC-ACDA R&R Chairs in these Hangouts. The Video Hangout is a type of… Read more

The Challenge of Selecting Global Choral Music

Republished from Wisconsin School Musician, January 2013, with permission from the Wisconsin School Music Association I love attending music conventions/conferences for a variety of reasons, and one of those is… Read more

College Quarterly: Spring 2016

Contemporary music-making in the choral field has never been more exciting. The sheer volume of music available for performance from around the world in every possible style is unprecedented and… Read more